A question about RTCP(REMB)


I read this article(https://webrtchacks.com/sfu-simulcast/) , and it mentions

In most cases SFUs were just forwarding RTCP feedback from all receivers to the sender. As a result, senders would adapt bitrate to the worst receiver conditions (i.e. lowest estimated bandwidth and worst network QoS) which would then be forwarded to all participants.

And I want to know if licode forwards all RTCP feedback(especially REMB)from all receivers to the sender.


It depends on your configuration. if you have simulcast activated all rembs are terminated by licode end and the sender will output it’s own max possible quality, then each receiver, based on it’s estimated bandwidth will receive the appropriate quality.

In a non- simulcast scenario, every REMB is passed to the sender, causing him to adapt to the worst case scenario

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