Access incoming video data before buffering

I have successfully got Licode up and running and am now able to save
WebRTC streams directly to disk which is great! However, I can see that
there is about a 5 second delay from when the server logs that the stream
is being received to the video beginning to be written to disk. When the
stop stream message is logged, the rest of the video gets dumped into the
file almost instantly so it must be being buffered somewhere inside Licode.

We have a system that does real-time analysis of live video and we provide
feedback to the user during the streaming. Therefore, we need to access the
data for each frame as close to real-time as possible. Is there an way to
get hold of the incoming video data in Node before it is buffered so we can
pipe it into our video analysis system? Alternatively, can I reduce the
size of the buffer so it writes to disk quicker? The ideal solution would
be being able to access the raw video data in Node as soon as it is
recieved as it would be better for the video to not have to go via disk to
be processed.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.