Active Speaker Indication?

the requirement we have is to support a Continous Presence Layout CP Layout with VAD where the Active Speaker zooms into the Bigger Tile on the screen.

Is this possible with Erizo and how ?

Thanks in advance

Up! Not possible with Licode ?

We need to show only a certain number of streams during the conference and need the server to send the LastN Active User and indicate the active speaker. This is a standard way to doing videoconference with CP Layouts can’t believe not possible.

What you are looking for is an specific application behavior IMO Licode is
general purpose, you should be able to make it work for your specific use
case but not without write code for it. It should be pretty straight
forward using JS and the client API, the part that might involve more work
is to highlight the current speaker in the case you don’t want to handle
that manually.