Can I use licode with k8s or other orchestration service?

Hi. I’m developing a web conference service with licode and I want to deploy service to GKE. But It doesn’t work.
I can’t imagine how licode(with many node) can connect to clients.
Is there anyone who sucessed to run licode with k8s?

yes, you can do it, but there are some things to keep in mind, like the way we need k8s to handle UDP ports in Erizo. We have been using Licode with k8s in production for more than 1 year now and the results are really good. We are considering publishing the deployment files in the future, but we first need to clean things up before.

Any update on this ?

We cannot work on this at the moment because we have other priorities. However, it is something we definitely want to do and will work on allocating some time for it. Possibly around the next summer.