Clarification on the Stream Prioritization Feature

Hi Everyone,

The stream prioritization feature seems very interesting, however, due to the lack of documentation on it, we have trouble understanding it. What we would like to do is to select the priority we want per subscriber. Is this possible?

There is a setPriority method for the MediaStream (here) on the server side but could not find a way to set priority for individual streams through the client API.

Any help would be much appreciated.


You are right, the docs are lacking in that area. Thanks for the question, we have been using this for a while but never got around to updating the documentation properly
You can set the priority of a subscription in the client side with remoteStream.updateConfiguration({priorityLevel: "myPriorityLevelName"});.
You can also switch strategies for a clietn with room.setStreamPriorityStrategy("myStrategyName");
That’s the intended way to use it, by triggering the change in the clients. Your application should know about the priorities you have set up in the bw_distribution_config.json file and use them in the client to set up the streams.

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