deleteUser in has no effect

We’re having trouble calling deleteUser from the python wrapper around the nuve server API,

When I call deleteUser, it always returns “Success” and the token is still present in mongoDB. I know the room _id is correct, because I can use it to delete the room later. I’m using the tokenId in the base64 decoded token object returned by createToken. I can see that tokenId matches the token in the mongoDB. But delete doesn’t appear to work.

I’ve tried following it in the debugger inside nuve and I can see it is calling the cloud handler with the roomId I passed in, but I haven’t figured out how to debug it beyond the rpc call to ErizoController.

If I call getUser with the tokenID, it reports “User does not exist”.

Is there some other ID I’m supposed to use to identify the user in this API?

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