Initiate audio+video, get permission, but do not want media to Licode till speaking rights


the user will be asked to allow the permissions when you call the "init"
method of the stream. The media is sent when you publish the stream in the
room (with “publish” method). So you can separate both actions. Check
Client documentation (

BR2014-11-11 10:01 GMT+00:00 Rohit Aggarwal

We want to initiate video+audio, get permission from a user, but do not
want to send the media to Licode server just then. We want to start sending
audio+video to Licode only when this user gets speaking rights. This way we
will not have to get user’s permission when this user gets the rights,
rather we can get the permission right at the start and send user’s
audio+video to Licode when needed. How can we do this?

We will greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you!

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