Is possible to send streaming from licode webRTC to a TV with Chromecast?

I´m working with Licode and the videocall works good. Now I would like to transmit my videocall to my tv using a Chromecast, somehing that Youtube and other platforms use. For example, where the cast icon appears and when pressed it gives the option to transmit on TV.

I have searched to internet, but I can´t find an example that shows how to cast webrtc streaming to a tv. I have only found examples of streaming videos stored on a server.
Does anyone know if it is possible to incorporate the Chromecast api to a Licode client and transmit streaming video to a TV screen?
If this is possible, how I can I do it?
Thank you very much.

I really don’t know but I think it will be totally possible.
There’s an official google example that maybe can point you to the right direction:

also I saw other project on github that claims to do this with webrtc.

Hi @Francesco_Durighetto What projects did you see?