Licode + Apache Cordova (+ Apple iOS) = Testing help needed

Hi all,

I have been able to get the latest master branch to work with Apache Cordova and cordova-plugin-iosrtc. In orher words, things work with Apple iOS. Only minor changes were required. The Android-version of Apache Cordova uses the real Chromium APi and there are no problems at all.

I am not, however, testing more than a few features. I do not need the rest of them.

For that reason I need help in testing the new Erizo Client in Apache Cordova. After sufficient testing I am willing to suggest a pull request to the actual Licode. But without sufficient testing I do not think that there is any sense in making a pull request.

One of the reasons I would like to see this well tested is that I do observe some strange errors in console output, but those errors do not seem to have any impact on the actual functionality.