Licode Featuures and clarifications!

Hi There,

We have implemented Licode Archietecture recently it works perfectly when
coming to recording feature

  1. is there any option to record multiple video and audio streams for all
    participants in a single file

  2. is the recording will be a desktop recording along with presentations
    and whiteboard or individual audio and video

  3. can these recording happen on local machine so that we can not reduce
    space on server if all users starts recording

  4. can these recordings can be available as VOD so that user can login and
    play when ever he wants recording directly from browser accessing from

and also regarding MCU cluster i have seen in blog but it doesn’t have much
information. is there any document how cluster works and configuration i
think it uses rabbitmq for cluster

when coming to conference rooms can we create a room so that users can
enter the room with that room ID