Nuve process is dropped frequently

After update to the latest code, Nuve process keeps crashing after a couple of hours. I have no idea where to check exactly. Is there any log for Nuve?

Yes, there are logs for nuve, you can enable/disable log levels here.

Thanks for the response.

So it must be enabled by default but I don’t see any Nuve related message in the logs. Do I need to increase the log levels and for which ones? It’s a production server and I should be careful on changing settings I’m not aware of.

Or maybe I’m checking the wrong place: /licode/erizo_controller/erizoAgent/erizo-xxx.log

erizo-xxx.log Are strictly erizoJS logs.
You should get Nuve logs in the standard output. If it’s a crash you should be getting a message with the default log settings. Depending on the crash you may need to change the level for some of the components in order to get more details.