October Roadmap

Hi there!
It would be helpful if you could just tell us what’s the roadmap of the project.
The code is transforming a lot and it becomes difficult to maintain aligned with our “business logic” inside it.
Are there other refactor planned?
Thanks guys and have a nice day!

We’re investigating Single Peer Connection, and we’re doing some work on improving support to H264. There’s some refactoring planned, but I don’t think we’ll have time for doing it before winter. We’ll inform you before starting.

Btw, we always recommend to include any extension/logic, if not private, in the repository because it will be the best solution to make it compatible with future changes. Otherwise, we might discuss an extension API that could let you create plugins and extensions, keeping them decoupled from the rest of the code. It might be something similar to what we did with the Handlers in Erizo.

ok, many thanks!

Basically we put lot of effort to modify the controller to suit our need, such as log in db what happens inside a room (user: x subscribe user: y) to track everything.
Also there are plenty of logging modules to keep track of ice exchange / etc to be able to debug our customers issue.

erizo client and erizo controller refactor are great but forced us to stop @ v3, and before considering a total refactor of our logic I’d like to know what plans do you have to avoid wasting time.

We’re very happy to contribute whenever is possible!