Projects based on Licode

Hello ,
I am doing a kind of comparative sum up for all open source MCU .
Licode is one of the most famous ones , but i didn’t find any well known project using Licode.(like jangout for Janus )
So , is there someone who knows projects using Licode ?!

I didn’t find too :slight_smile: but I’m sure there are, perhaps not public I guess. I’m also working on an app but not ready yet.

Licode is great. I’ve played with Janus and Kurento and found Licode more suitable for my need (e.g. being SFU, the license, project activity, etc).

It’s a good idea to have a “show cases” topic in the forum so users can introduce their Licode based products.

Hi ,
after a great time of search , i could finally find two projects based on licode :

for my case , i need both SFU and MCU
Yeah , i share the idea of “the show cases” topic

I am making