Resolved: Ubuntu 12.05LTS 64amd black screen resolved local network

I started with my usual programming methods on what I call a project
server, A little bigger than a Jeos and probably about the same size as a
small instance on Amazon.

I got a black screen and unpredictable results for several days. And I was
hitting port 3001 pretty hard over an openVPN network. I tried to do an
apt–get on apache and I hit max open files. Open files is very close to
open ports… For every active port their is an open file. Everything
always boils down to files.

So I said, Okay time for yet another clean build and no fooling around.
Production instance , 4G Ram and double ports/sockets to be sure to be sure.

Ran Top during the install process.

I saw that the build is happiest when you have at least 1G of RAM on a
standard Ubuntu 12.04. 64amd LTS. At 1G the swap drive never gets touched.
Bad things happen when your system requirements exceed the sum of swap &
conventional memory. The build process was fairly perky and w/o errors. My
development instance is 512/512 memory/swap which sadly seems to be sitting
right on the fence. This used to be what AWS offered as a small instance
and I remember setting my own defaults to it way back when. 512/512 is
probably okay to run Licode for a couple of developers but but the build is
nasty. I can see some fun around the corner.

There are many warnings in some of the libs. Many I could understand as
being acceptable ie deprecated in. I’ll bet some nasty warnings flew by.

I had no issues connecting with the basic example over OpenVPN.

I’m also betting that resource issues can become a nightmare if you are
half way there and you are hitting port 3001 pretty hard.

With the bigger instance everything went as expected. After all the
instructions are fairly simplistic.

I hope this helps.