Screen Sharing with Licode

Hello everyone i am trying to develop a screen sharing app with the use of licode and i wanted to ask that do we need to have a screen sharing extension for google chrome? because firefox is working fine without the extension.

Yes you have to. Chrome allows sharing screen only via extension and for specified domains defined in the manifest file.

Hi there i have specified domains on the manifest file now how i link extension with my licode code?

It’s just like webcam sharing, set the proper spec and Licode does the rest for you:

const screenSpec = {
  data: false,
  audio: false,
  video: false,
  screen: true,
  videoSize: [0, 0, 1920, 1080],
  extensionId: 'skdfjaor4w9ujfreotu49ogjrlk59',
const localStream = Erizo.Stream(screenSpec);
// add event listeners here

thanks i will try and get back to you