Stream can't be subscribed with optional constraints for video

Hi, I’m trying to stream rear camera on android device.

I have id of rear camera and trying to create stream like:

var config = {
video : {optional : [{sourceId :},
audio : !VideoCC_Shopper.service.Sip.SOUND_OVER_SIP,
data : true,
attributes : {
agent : agent,
type : streamType

var stream = new Erizo.Stream(config);

On phone I can view this lcaol stream.

But another client can’t subscribe to this stream - stream-subscribed event doesn’t fired.

Another client can successfully subscribe when I change video to video:true in my config.

Could you suggest, can I use rear camera with Licode?


Is there any updates/ suggestions?
Now I just changed sources of erizo client to support optional media