Stream Data is not sent peer to peer and uses erizoController instead?

Hi, I’ve been using licode mainly for p2p use, only optionally using the mcu.
Video and audio work fine in p2p mode, however I noticed that the data is not sent p2p and sent to the erizoController with each call.
eg. fooStream.sendData({ testMessage: 'ok'})

My assumption that video, audio and data would be over p2p for a room(configured as p2p) was wrong,

Perhaps I am missing something, If so I would really appreciate some thoughts.

If anyone is interested I am developing an open source collaboration app. It’s at
I was really hoping to leverage peer to peer as much as possible (webrtc and all), using the erizoController for sending data between particpants is not for me. To be honest discovering this just now really bums me out.

You’re right. We’re using Erizo Controller to send data between participants.