Use navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia in chrome

Hi there!

Right now erizo client uses the old and deprecated navigator.getUserMedia API in Chrome browser. I’ve seen that in Mozilla browsers the new mediaDevices API is used instead

Are there any plans to upgrade the chrome API? Would you be interested in a PR?

I know there are other priority right now which requires lot of effort like the simulcast, but the topic was already discussed and we all agree that there is the need to use something like adapter.

Hi Francesco,

Can you point me to the previous discussion? I’m not sure what you mean by using an adapter.

I have a working erizo client that uses the mediaDevice API, I can clean it up and make a PR with it.

what is adapter:

Hi @garcianavalon, if mediaDevice API offers us any advantage with respect the current one, of course the PR is welcome!

Is true that we are thinking on migrating to the adapter but this would be a mid-term change.