Any plan to support newer versions of Ubuntu?

I got errors while installing the dependencies. I searched it on the Google and found out Licode can be run only on Ubuntu 14. I don’t want to get stuck with the old version of Ubuntu; so is there any plan to support Ubuntu 16 and 17?

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is still under active support and we have no immediate plans to start supporting a new version.
However, improving our docker support is in our roadmap and should be a good alternative in most cases.

I could install it on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and it works well.

I have not personally tried to install Licode on Ubuntu 16.04, but it should not be difficult. After the upgrade to supported version of Node there should not be many dependencies that just require 14.04.

I am, however, staying with 14.04 for some time because in my experience 14.04 is stabler than 16.04. Yes, I know that 16.04 is quite stable, but I have some specific requirements and some of them are not very stable on 16.04.

Of course someone who has installed Licode on 16.04 could propose a pull request.

Edit: Ah, it seems that there already is such a request. It would be fine if it is accepted.

Sometimes things change quite fast. It seems that I must have a look at kekkokk’s work. We are phasing out 14.04 and moving to 16.04.

Using Docker adds a complexity level, which we do not currently want. Therefore actual support for 16.04 would be very, very nice to have.

when I did this patch I actually tested very quickly and master branch probably diverged (I don’t think we need java deps anymore) but it might work.

Let me know if it work for you

I’ll do some testing quite soon. I assume that I will get first results in a week (may be a fortnight).

I have played a little bit with Docker, but the added level of complexity is not appealing.

Some quick testing done with Release v2 of Licode. Everything seems to work this far, although some strange messages have appeared (not seen with 14.04). I have not, however, done any serious testing. Will report what happens after some stress testing.

Thank you for your work!

@Francesco_Durighetto, currently it seems that the up-to-date version of Erizo is simply too unstable and buggy for production (will file some issues soon - the new solution is very promising, however). Hence we are staying with V2 patches. Yours included.

Thank you for making Licode to work in 16.04.