By ec2 instance


I have a couple times installed licode on aws ec2. However,
below authorization error alway occurred.

I have tried with below scenarios , but didn’ succeed.* Could you help me?

  • with and without IAM role
  • west and east server- = ‘amazon’; = ‘’;
    config.cloudProvider.accessKey = ‘XXXAKIAIPZ6AK5HO5X7A’;
    config.cloudProvider.secretAccessKey =

ubuntu@ip-172-31-23-214:~$ ./licode/scripts/
connect.multipart() will be removed in connect 3.0
visit for
connect.limit() will be removed in connect 3.0
Conected to rabbitMQ server
Exchange rpcExchange is open
Queue nuveQueue is open
ClientQueue amq.gen-Q5OAzRwI9X4hgADs2998Fh is open
[licode] Done, run basic_example/basicServer.js
ubuntu@ip-172-31-23-214:~$ 2014-04-10T21:36:54.728Z - info: Initialized
2014-04-10T21:36:55.244Z - info: Exchange rpcExchange is open
2014-04-10T21:36:55.247Z - info: ClientQueue amq.gen-AfmFmPlOb-04fzjh9V9xJ5
is open
private ip
Error: [Error: You are not authorized to perform this operation.]
2014-04-10T21:36:55.439Z - info: Error in communication with cloudProvider
2014-04-10T21:36:55.442Z - info: Queue erizoController_undefined is open
I received a keepAlive mess from a removed erizoController
2014-04-10T21:36:56.484Z - info: I dont exist in cloudHandler. Im going
to be killed
[CLOUD HANDLER]: ErizoController in host undefined does not respond.

It is fixed by adding group of IAM.