Can not gain max video quality with simulcast

I used videoSize:[640, 480, 640, 480] for publishing video on my local computer but the video size on the receiver side (another tab in the same browser) is always fixed at 320x240. Without simulcast I got the same video size as published. Changing numSpatialLayers did not help. Tested on the latest master code.

It might take several seconds depending on the network to increase the quality/bitrate, can you test it and give it some minutes to see what happens?

I did but no change. Is it working for you?!

Solved by setting the maxVideoBW. Although it takes much time (more than 2 minutes) to adjust the frame rate as see in the graph:

Video Frame Rate (fps)

Adjusting the resolution is much better (about 10 seconds):

Video Width/Height (px)

Can we expect better results in the future?