Closed Posts and other ways to communicate

Hello, I’ve seen that some posts, mostly announcements, are closed posts, I’ve found that somehow it is going in the opposite direction of the spirit that this forum was created, if I understood it good.

For release announcements and other matters will be incredibly helpful to have feedback from the community about how stable that version is, known issues, do questions etc. in a threaded way.

Would be great to have another kind of daily communication for Licode community, specially for developers that want to contribute/fix components of the codebase. I’ve opened Licode’s channel on Freenode, not registered, just waiting for the people to come and pass by and the one who feels with the right to register it, do it. An Slack channel could be another option if people resist to use IRC.

What do you think?

First of all, sorry about the announcements. It wasn’t our intention to keep them locked, we do think there are valuable discussions to be had in those threads. It should be fixed now.

The real-time (IRC or similar) alternative I find a bit more difficult. My concern is that an always-open channel could quickly degenerate into a support-line and we really don’t want that, I feel an asynchronous channel (discourse) is better for most cases. That way we keep all the conversations visible and everyone can pitch in no matter the timezone.

However, we’ve been throwing around the idea of having real-time meetings on specific topics (simulcast, scalability) and we’re definitely interested in doing that if there’s enough interest. Also, we’ve always been open to having quick chats about specific issues.

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Thanks Pedro for the clarification, please count me in for the meetings.

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