Licode Days, save the day (June 12th)

We think it might be the time for the old idea of having a periodic Licode Day meeting to become a reality.

We are receiving questions and requests from the community about the roadmap and some nice features you’d like to add, and it’s usually hard for us to answer all those questions and keep the community updated. There are some open topics like Single Peer Connection, SDP message format, support for native clients, Plan B vs Unified Plan, IPv6, PRs, and some other proposals that we might want to discuss.

Our initial idea for those Licode Days is to talk about the roadmap and discuss some important topics, but we would like also to hear from you, and we’ll welcome short presentations about your products and use cases. That way we’ll all know about people using the product!

The meeting would be 1 or 2 hour long depending on the amount of talks we receive, and we’ll do it online by June 12th in the morning (CET time) unless we receive many proposals for doing it at some other time.

So please let us know whether you want to make a short presentation about your use case, and we’ll give you a slot during the meeting.

Stay tuned to know further information about the time and how to connect to the meeting.

I’m absolutely positive on having more interaction between the team and the community but I see a few issues in live meeting:

  • Time zone differences: It’s hard to gather people from different countries with different time zones.
  • Speaking vs. writing: For me it’s much harder to speak in English but easier to write.
  • Time consuming: A few people it can cover for a limited time period to present.

Instead I suggest, for start at least, to provide a forum topic or even a topic per product, and invite users to introduce themselves, their products and their ideas. The presentation can be a combination of text, images or even videos.

Thanks for the motivation anyway.

I’ll be there

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Ok, I see your point, I’ll start a topic to let people introduce their products/ideas, and I’ll spend some time presenting them during the live meeting too. But I’d recommend people to connect to the live meeting because it’s a good opportunity for asking questions about roadmap, give feedback, etc. Even if you don’t want to talk, you can get info from others if you just listen.

Also, this agenda is for just the first meeting, but depending on the attendance we can repeat it periodically (let’s say monthly or something like that) to keep you updated, and to sync with developers who want to contribute with new great features (like @Francesco_Durighetto, @zevarito or you have usually done). We’ll probably change the format for future meetings as there won’t be many new products to present and we could spend more time discussing about specific topics.

And of course, we’ll publish notes about the meeting with the highlights… probably adding the roadmap, and key topics that were discussed.

@Javier Sounds good, please post final date/time once defined, I presume that will be a bit early for me but I’ll do my best to attend.

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@Javier meeting will happen tomorrow then?

Yes, meeting will happen tomorrow at 11:00 CET. If someone can’t attend but want other to know from them please send here a short intro about your case and I will read it during the first part of the meeting.

As I said previously, we might choose a different time for future meetings if people shows interest but can’t join because of the time zone.

The URL for the meeting is:

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Please, this is a kindly remind for everyone who want to attend and show his project to prepare a 2-slide presentation (or a equivalent short introduction without slides). We’ll also talk about roadmap for the next couple of months and hot topics in the community right now.

Hey, I’m probably not with you tomorrow, but I want to tell you about our usecase.
We are using licode at our conference system at the university. We have build a system for online lessions which supports things like: Collaborative: presentations, whiteboard, filesharing, 3D Content, text editor…
We need to support up to 100 Users / Room with audio only (video/screenshare can be activated optional per user)

Our biggest problems with our project (licode) so far:

  • Brower update breaking licode things
  • licode update breaking things
  • Licode is not documented in depth very well

Btw. Are you planing to record the meeting?

Thanks for your work! :slight_smile:

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I decided to attend. Due to the time of the meeting I can be there only for an hour and a half and I’ll present my app so consider a time for me :wink:.

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I can’t enter the previous hangouts meeting. I don’t know the reason yet, so we can try with this other hangout:

If it still fails we can move to a Zoom session. But let’s try it first.

Hey! as we already commented during the meeting we’ll start having Office Hours every week. Next meeting will be next Wednesday, 20th of June. And it will take place at 16:00 CEST.

Please be patient while in the Office Hours since there could be other people making questions, and also try to ask specific things about issues or PRs.

@Javier links doesn’t work

Sorry about that, this is the new one