Does Licode currently support Peer Candidates / ICE lite /?

Hello All,

I’m working on an application with licode, and so far everything is going well. However, we are having issues with symmetric NATs. Our application has a public IP address with all of the UDP ports granted access via firewall rules to the server, so in theory if I understand correctly we shouldn’t need to use STUN or TURN with any clients if Licode can supply a peer reflexive candidate. As it stands currently, we have to use server reflexive candidates on any client so that they can give the server their external IP and that allows a connection to complete, but this doesn’t work with a Symmetric NAT.

We are only establishing a single client to the server and not doing anything involving multiple clients, so the public IP should be sufficient I think? Is there some way of configuring this that should work better?


Having an external IP does not guarantee connectivity for all type of NATs, so I would recommend you to use a TURN server. The good news is that you only need to setup the TURN server for ErizoClient in the config file and not for erizojs, which is the server.