ES6 import/export syntax for erizo.js client

I’m writing a web application frontend and I want to use the erizo.js client, but I noticed that the way it is compiled doesn’t support the new ES6 import syntax, hence I can’t import and include it in my bundle instead of put it in my html page header.

This is quite inconvenient for a series of reasons. Is there any plan to support it? With that support the erizo client could also be shipped with npm for example which would make easier to integrate it in projects.

BTW, the if I import the erizo.js code with ES6 import it gives me this error:
erizo.js:6814 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Blob’ of undefined

PS. i tried to import the debug version of the erizo.js client built with the apposite script.


**UPDATE: ** I noticed that the problem is caused by the fact that you import library in erizo client from a static resource file lib/ May I ask why it is included in that way and not through npm for example?

I sent a PR that fix the issue above.

Please, have a look at it.