Webpack config to make code more readable

I personally don’t know webpack,
is there a way to make an even more readable output of erizo.js, similar to the previous non-webpack one?
maybe some options in webpack.config you can suggest me?

In practice is it possible to transform:
WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_4__utils_Logger[“a” /* default */]
in L.log.blablabla ?

'Cause this is very annoying when debugging and I can’t imagine to have to build gulp at every change.


Hi Francesco,

There is a Debug version under erizo_controller/erizoClient/dist, is that what do you mean?

Yeah I know but this file is full of
WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_4__utils_Logger[“a” /* default */]

it’s not like the old non minified version of licode v3.

I wanted to know if there’s an option to leave it untouched by webpack

Yes. I agree. The new version is much. much harder to understand.

This is quite frustrating. Especially when the new client is not working as you would expect.

This PR:

Enables source maps for the debug versions of ErizoClient. It should be a lot easier to debug ErizoClient with it.
Give it a try!

Yes, this seems to help. Thank you.

It still, however, takes quite a time to understand what has been done.

The use of gulp and lint still makes me to wonder why languages requiring the use of this type of additional tools are used at all.

Sorry for the rant. Well, this just shows how old I am.