Installing Coturn on Licode's docker

Can you please share some suggestions or best practices on how to set up Coturn ( or RFC-5766 ( on Docker image (

I will greatly appreciate your suggestions.


I don’t know if you mean in the same Docker image as Licode. That, while is doable, isn’t probably your best option.
You can either install the turn server natively outside the container or create your own container.

In general, I’ve been installing it outside of the container.

Thank you Pedro! This is very helpful suggestion.

  1. Would you recommend coturn or rfc5766 for turn server container?
  2. Can you please share what changes would be needed in licode container
    after installing coturn/rfc5766 in another docker container?

I will greatly appreciate your response.

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I’m interested aswell

I am also interested to know

coturn or rfc5766 ?

@pedro installing was not difficult. But I am still struggling with what configuration to change in licode docker. I am running licode docker in “host” mode and not in “bridge” mode.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!

We’ve been using rfc5766 for a long time with good results. That said, coturn should work fine. If I had to start now I’d give coturn a try, if you run into problems post them here.

@Rohit_Aggarwal Assuming you’re using STUN/TURN for the clients, here you can find how to configure it.
You have to make sure the TURN/STUN server you install is reachable by the clients. The default port is 3478, you may want to change that depending on how you configure your server and the container.

Thank you @pedro for your recommendation and for sharing the link. This is