Is Licode h264 ready?

Hi guys,
I am thinking to switch my entire configuration from vp8 to h264 due to the hardware supoprt (especially in iOS and Android. I found most android devices to be useless in a vp8 call).
I was analyzing the pros and cons.
Do you think Licode is ready to do such a thing?
In particular:

  • recorder
  • simulcast
  • bwe estimation

are these modules ready for a switch in your opinion?

For now, we’re focused on VP8 because it is by far more mature in the WebRTC world.

More specifically:

The recording (ExternalOutput) is quite heavily hardcoded to VP8. It could be translated to h264 but it needs work.

AFAIK, there are no stable implementations of h264 simulcast in browsers. Once we have that, we it need some work to adapt the specific VP8 parts.

BWE works fine.

So, bottom line. We don’t advise using Licode with VP8 as it is now. We will, however get on it as soon as other implementations are more mature.

Thanks man!
I was thinking about that specifically for mobile users.
I tried an h264 p2p call from browser to android and it’s another world.
Much smoother and less delayed.
With vp8 in a 2017 low/mid budget Samsung tablet the video starts queuing and get more and more delayed as soon the call goes on!

Hi bro,
How to switch the configuration from VP8 to H264?