Is there a release plan for h264 recording?

Hi Team,

Could you please let me know whether you have a plan to release a function of h264 recording within next 3 months?
Now, We are discussing development strategy and schedule. Whether Licode will cover h264 within next 3 months or not is one of the most important matter to decide the strategy.

I would appreciate your kind reply.

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I’m not a part of the dev team but I can tell you that recording in h264 needs a transcoding.
Now the preferred codec is VP8 + opus, so you simply save the recording in an mkv container without a lot of CPU consumption.

I don’t understand if your problems are only the recordings or also the codec being used during the video call

Thanks for the reply.

Currently, our service uses VP8 for distributing and recording.
I would like to use H264 instead of VP8. (distribution and recording)
It is for Safari and mobile users.

According to the following documents Licode supports H264 as a video codec, I am thinking that if Licode will support recording on H264, we can change the codec of our service from VP8 to H264.

That is why I created this topic.
I’m sorry, my English is not good.

for p2p calls it just works out of the box, for server side call I think it’s not ready yet