Is this possible ... the dreamer in me

I’ve been reading though the forum most the morning and haven’t found this specific question or answer…
Can I have my service be a 1-to-many from an Ipad to Ipad…

Your question goes a little beyond Licode, the answer is you can’t without
install an app either native or browser based that enables WebRTC for you.
Safari for IOS which is the core of any browser in IOS doesn’t support it
yet. Solved that, doesn’t matter if the device is an IPhone or IPad.

True I guess, I can revise my question. … the iPad has a limited amount of CPU power / Ram / etc so I guess my question is with an app created and installed hooking to the Client side API can a iPad power a 1 to many experience? I guess, how much does Licode off load the video / audio load from the clients?

Licode provides one to many -feature. In other words, the sending client sends a single stream. Licode server “copies” that stream to all subscribed clients. The sending iOS client like an iPsd sends only a single stream, which is a huge saving considering CPU and IO.

But for the iOS side you have to use an app. There are no iOS browsers that provide webrtc functionality. (Well, Bowser might be considered one, but Ericsson does not develop it any more although it is open source.)

Is there a web demo of a streamer like that, 1 - to - many ?

As far as I know, there is no such demo. But you can set up such an environment very easily.