Several questions


I’m a Kurento user but i’ve grown quite unsatisfied with it these last few months so I am looking into alternatives, and Licode looks promising, but since my system is already in production I need to consider carefully what technologies to replace Kurento with. Therefore I have a few questions:

  1. Can Licode be used with IP Cams (RTSP -> WebRTC)
  • In the scenario of one to many (one broadcaster, multiple viewers), are there any limits? Do you have some numbers available as to what kind of load these type of calls can handle? I do realize this depends a lot on the hardware of the server so for example a server with 8 Core CPU and 8GB RAM would be able to handle what kind of traffic load?
  • Can Licode do two-way calls (both users see each other)?
  • Can a broadcaster stream in HD and Full HD or Licode will cap the bitrate transmitted?
  • Is Licode able to scale horizontally? If so how does it work? Is there any documentation regarding that?
  • Can the TURN server address be configured dynamically?
  • Are there more examples besides the 4 found here: ?

Also just a heads up, the menu on the examples page contains a Roadmap link ( that is dead.


Guys any info on this would be greatly appreciated, not sure if i posted this in the wrong place but it’s been quite a while and no answer so far.

A lot of questions and hard to answer all of them. Please use numbered list so I can answer the ones that I know. In the other hand you might be able to find answer for some of them by spending time on the forum or Github issues.

Hi Mkh, i’ve updated the question with numbered list, any info you’ve got is welcome, even if it’s not the full thing :slight_smile:

  1. Licode supports RTSP but not sure about IP cams. See
  2. AFAIK the only limit is server resources. There is no number but as an experience of mine, recently we could successfully run a webinar with one presenter (desktop sharing + audio) and 153 participants on an Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2620 with 12GB RAM. The server load was around 2~3 during the event. So I guess we can handle 500 users at least on this server if every thing goes well.
  3. Sure it does.
  4. Both I think.
  5. Yes, see
  6. I don’t think so.

Thank you very much Mkh!