Licode clients don't connect sometimes

I’m using Licode system and all is ok but sometimes when I have tried to establish communication between two clients, one of them connect and the other cant connect. Do you know why I have this problem? Note: When I check the console, this doesnt show any error. In a few words only one client connect but this error is not frequent.
I think this is due to the bandwidth of network. If this were the reason, Could there be a way to ensure that my two clients connect even if the network bandwidth is not so good?

There would be log from one side to trying to connect.

Hi @twid

This is what is shown to me in the client’s console that does not connect

and this is what is shown in the client console that connects

It seems to be a problem with the signaling. How could I solve this?

I have the same problem, but i don’t think so. maybe it is the bug of licode.