localStream connect licode server automatically when localStream lost connection with others

hi all,
in my project,for example ,there are three client stream(A,B,C) in a
room,there have two problem sometimes:

(1)A,B,C stream published ,and A,B,C client subscribe
http://lynckia.com/licode/client-api.html#subscribeStream other two
stream and show. but in B,C client show A stream with a blank window ,and
without audio and video. in A client show B,C stream normally. why?and how
to solve this problem?

(2)sometimes A client lost B,C stream suddenly,and B,C client also lost A
stream. at this time A client’s room.addEventListener(“room-disconnected”)
not run. why? and how can A client connect licode server and
publish,subscribe automatically ?