Licode does not work with Ionic and webview crosswalk

I have a Licode installation and this works fine in the browser but when I try to open this in an Ionic WebView crosswalk this does not work, that show me a white page but I can only see the control buttons, I can´t obtain the screen visualization.

I’m using the web view crosswalk to access in my ionic app. Previously that plugin worked fine to me and I could open my Licode page with my cellphone using the web view. Recently I needed to format my server and I reinstalled everything. However, after cloning the project and installing the application as indicated by the official page, my Licode project is no longer available to show into the web view, the android debugger shows me the following error, that error didn’t appear before only until this last update of the project.

Could there be a change in the last update that prevents now that I can view my project in the webview of my application Ionic?