Licode server to licode server streaming, one to many distribution

I find it necessary to distribute geographically in order to make our service work. Is it possible to have two licode servers stream to each other so I can redistribute my one to many streams?

That is not supported at the moment. It’s something we’re interested in and have been thinking about for a long time but it never got high enough in our priority list.
What is the limiting factor that is making you consider this approach? Is delay the problem? There are alternatives to mitigate that.

Thank your for answering.
My problem is bandwidth regionally and china specifically. I have a qroup of users in china who have great internet bandwith on their side of the GFW (Great fire wall) but our servers are in NYC and that is only 40KB for some of them, so I have enought bandwidth through the wall to redestrbute in China. Is there a good way of doing that?

we also need this feature。sometimes,we need erizo cascade for edge acceleration .