[Question] Audio quality

Hi, I’m totally new to Licode and I’m considering to use Licode for building an E-learning platform with audio and video streams. I have successfully installed Licode. After running the basic example, my concern is with the quality of the audio. Is there any way to improve the quality ?

@Pedro_Rodriguez May be you can help I guess ? :slight_smile:

Check rtp_media_config.js file.

the audio quality, when enabling opus in rtp_media_config.js file as suggested would be veeery high.
By default, chrome uses some algorythms to suppress noise etc. but I found that lots of notebooks, especially when streaming in high def. ex. 720p, usually speeds up fans 'cause they overheat.
these fan “noise” is detected by chrome and tries to suppress it, but sometimes it fails and also suppress the speaker voice. So, you may want to “play” with audio constraints.

passing to the audio constraints:

{optional: [{ googAutoGainControl: false },{ googAutoGainControl2: false },{ googEchoCancellation: false },{ googEchoCancellation2: false },{ googNoiseSuppression: false },{ googNoiseSuppression2: false },{ googHighpassFilter: false },{ googTypingNoiseDetection: false },{ googAudioMirroring: false }]}

you’ll benefit of an “untouched” audio source

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