Canary 57 vp8 payload != chrome 55 payload

hi guys,
I opened the same ticket on github (which do you prefer?? )
I tried to connect to basicexample from canary and it seems to me that i am able to publish to licode. (vp8 + opus)

but when i try to subscribe, a spinner icon appears and never disappear. in the peerconnection (receiver side), I see the audio as opus and everything is ok, but in video section:
codecImplementationName unknown

the number of packets increase but every other value is 0.

this is the only difference i found:

Hi Francesco,

In general it’s better to start the conversation here and if it really translates into an issue (an action point on the code itself) we can move it to github.

I’ve been trying to reproduce this in Canary with no luck. What version of the code are you running? Can you post your rtp_media_config.js file?
Licode does parse and generate a PT map to translate different spaces of payloadtypes. In fact, Firefox does use different PTs and it works :slight_smile:

I’m unable to reproduce the issue too.
I really don’t know what happened. Probably a turn issue. Can close this thread

@pedro, this issue has now been reported by multiple people here:

Would be nice to figure out what’s happening before mid-March, when 57 will land as stable!

Is there any info I can send over from my installations that are experiencing this issue that may be helpful in debugging?

Even with latest code also … I am seeing the same issue.

How to fix this?

It is working with below hash code.

commit 0a0ebb1fbf2441427a7aea5fce5a29452f14eff0
Date: Wed Apr 19 11:28:22 2017 +0200


This is my commit, however I didn’t change nothing, you maybe rebuilt the project correctly.