Licode demo not working in Chrome 74

I just downloaded Chrome 74 from the canary channel and tried room 2 (Multi-Audioconference demo) on the demo site ( but wasn’t able to connect. I’m able to connect fine using Chrome 72. Chrome 73 from canary worked fine also.
Also, AppRTC ( works fine in Chrome 74.

Looks like SdpInfo.cpp is expecting the candidate line to start like
but Chrome 74 is sending

As a result of that none of the remote candidates are being processed.

Any update on this issue. My beta chrome just hit 74 and i can no longer connect to the servers. This is the client side error message:

07:53:08: log: ERROR: message: InvalidStateError: Failed to execute ‘setRemoteDescription’ on ‘RTCPeerConnection’: Failed to set remote answer sdp: Called in wrong state: kStable in baseStack at processAnswer

Can anyone confirm that Chrome 74 with latest release works ok?


Has been fixed but the demo is not updated yet I think:


I have now installed the latest version 04 01 2019. It builds fine and Chrome 74 now works for me.

Thanks all for the help