Record audio with android app and using licode at the same time

I am trying to use an Android audio recording app at the same time that I use licode from a webview, however, my app that records audio is closed when I try to record. I tried to use a function to stop the audio as shown here but even if it stops the audio from licode I can not run my app that records audio. I used the hasAudio () function to verify if the audio was being removed, I realized that even if I put mute to the recording, the hasAudio () property is always going to be true because that’s how I started the configuration of the client of licode and therefore the Audio resource does not become empty and this is why I can not run my application that records sound. I checked this by initiating a client of licode with the audio property in false and in effect, in this way I can use licode and run my app that records audio at the same time

I tried updating the audio and video settings based on the example shown here, but it shows me a message that I can not update.

Is there any way to disable the audio of the video conference and use the app to record audio at the same time?