State of ./spine testing scripts

What’s the current state of the testing scripts in ./spine?

I’ve set some values in spineClientsConfig. When I run node ./runSpineClients.js, it seems to do something, but the results aren’t what I was expecting.

If I have the same room loaded in a browser, I don’t see any of the spine-created streams appear, although I do see the correct number of new entries in chrome://webrtc-internals. Should the streams be showing up, too?

Inspecting the room in ackuaria, I see inconsistent results. Sometimes the subscribers’ video graphs show activity, and sometimes not. In the log for the erizoAgent process, I often see a lot of entries like this one:

WARN [0x7f4c07fff700] rtp.PliPacerHandler - id: 810131206435776000, role:publisher,  message: Timed out waiting for a keyframe

Are the scripts in ./spine up-to-date and working correctly for everyone else?