Stream recording behind reverse proxy(nginx)

Hello, we are trying to deploy licode server behind nginx reverse proxy with stream recording function.
I have already read the article about nginx
So my question is:
Do I need some additional nginx configuration to make stream recording working, or config from article is enough for this task?

There is nothing to do with nginx for recording. You just call the recording API in the client side and the recording happens on the server.

Wow, thanks a lot for replay.
But in our system architecture Licode server is inside private network and don’t have public ip. All requests from outside go through this nginx reverse proxy. As i suppose media streams also have to be routed some how through nginx? Because we don’h have any gateway or router for Internet access, even NAT.

Regarding the media streams I’m not sure nginx can do that for you!

Read some more about webrtc. My bad that was stupid question.
Any way thank you for help.