Use Erizo with an Erlang Wrapper

Hi, We are developing an IM application with Ejabberd (Erlang) on server side, with WebRTC for Voice / Video Calling. P2P with WebRTC is working great, but now, we want to add voice/video conferencing in this app. As our existing server is based on Erlang, We want to build an MCU/SFU based on Erlang. I am not an expert on WebRTC but I was thinking that We may be able to use Erizo and develop an Erlang module as a wrapper. Just like Erizo API, which is a Node.js wrapper.

Can somebody guide me how to use/compile Erizo standalone and call its API/Functions to build our own conference provider?
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

you can see what’s inside the scripts folder ( will show you how we compile Erizo and ErizoAPI). ErizoAPI is the Nodejs wrapper, so you should mimic that logic in any other language.