Users not aware of other Streams in Room


we encounter the following problem;

User A and User B connect to the Room near the same time.
User A is aware of User B but User B is not aware of User A.

User A correctly receives the “on-add-stream” event from User B.
User B does not and does not receive any streams to subscribe on when
connecting to Room.

This scenario happens very rarely and is mostly solved by a browser
refresh of one of the peers.

I’ve added 2 logs. One of the situation described above and one of a
normal, perfectly working situation.

What is causing this?

erizo-bd3a8a44-9b4e-eb92-19c7-018db89efeec_OK.log (269 KB)

erizo-4966bb6f-f775-5161-b615-204513022a27_UNAWARE_PROBLEM.log (73.2 KB)