Using "report_handler" stats settings

We have a Licode installation using release v5 running in a limited production environment. Currently we have the hosts collecting basic stats from Nuve like the number of rooms, number of users, and not much else. We’d like to get more detailed statistics like bandwidth, packet loss, jitter, and so on. I see that Erizo collects such stats and that there is a facility for exposing them. Particularly, I noticed the settings in* in the Licode config file and the comment that enabling them would result in statistics being sent to a queue named “report_handler”, which along with what I saw in the source code would provide more than what we’re looking for.

Given that, I changed the values for session_events, connection_events, and rtcp_stats to true and redeployed our erizos. I expected to see a new “report_handler” queue in the MQ server, but found no such thing. Thinking that maybe Erizo expects to find a pre-existing “report_handler” queue before it’ll publish to it, I grepped the source to see where such logic might exist. However, the only reference to “report_handler” exists in the config file itself.

Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong in getting the statistics published into the message broker? Has anyone used this feature successfully? If not, can anyone suggest and alternative means to obtain stats from Erizo?

Thanks in advance.