Video from Chrome to Firefox issue when simulcast is enabled

Having simulcast enabled, publishing video from Chrome to Firefox degrades the bitrate until it stops completely on the FF side. This might be some thing related to this issue:

As a result Firefox would be useless formally. Why just not block REMBs from Firefox?

I haven’t tested simulcast yet, i’m sorry

@mkh @Francesco_Durighetto can you test it again with Firefox 54 please? AFAIK they added abs-send-time in that version and it should help the congestion control algorithm to have higher values.

My production environment is pre-simulcast so I can’t really help right now.
I need few weeks to merge.
btw, @Javier these might interest you:
do you have any response for the last question I asked in the bugzilla forum?

Sadly no change, tested on Firefox 54.0b7 (64-bit). I got completely disappointed from Firefox.

@Javier Would you please let me know if is it possible to ignore Firefox REMBs in the server side by some lines of code? Otherwise I have to drop the support for Firefox in my services if I enable the simulcast which is a great feature and can not be ignored.