Webrtc code seems to old, is it being maintained?

Third_party/webrtc on which licode is based is really about year old, is it being maintained? cause google webrtc-native have gone updated a lot since than.

UPDATE: Is anybody is working on it?

I don’t think so. Note that only a really little part of the webrtc code is used by licode, since everything is done from scratch, so it won’t be an issue

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Hopefully, in future no code will be required from webrtc-native repo

Licode currently fails all IPv6 compatibility tests. The WebRTC community has already delivered complete IPv6 compatibility. Therefore I assume that you have to upgrade the code in order to be able to use it.

In our country most of the mobile clients are already in dual-stack environment. Several operators are providing IPv6-only environments for mobile clients like mobile phones. Some have already dropped IPv4 completely.

I really like how things are organised in Licode. Unfortunately IPv6 incompatibility kills our use of Licode.

Our environment is going to IPv6 only in the future. Temporarily the solution is dual-stack.

Yes, as @Francesco_Durighetto says webrtc part is just doing a small part of the logic. I think it’s working well right now, and even if Chrome has updated that part we don’t need to do it yet.

IPv6 is an option, but is not under our radar right now because we don’t need it for our use case, but for sure any contribution on that end would be more than welcome. It’s probable not that far because we’re using the same code as Firefox for doing all the ICE stuff, and WebSocket server is Socket.IO so it should be also easy to add support for IPv6. But as I said we’re not planning on doing it ourselves yet.