Announcing the new master branch

Dear Licode Community:

As many of you have witnessed, the last months we have been hard at work in two branches: media and cleanup while leaving the master branch up for mostly historic purposes :slight_smile:

As of today, the media branch has been officially merged into the master with all the functionality we have added lately.

  • TURN server support
  • Stream recording
  • DTLS/Firefox support
  • Cleaner logging system

among other features and a myriad of bugfixes!

There is still some work to be done in the documentation but we will start updating it ASAP.

We encourage all of you to switch to this branch and keep helping Licode with your feedback and opinions. We are really grateful for all of your comments and hopefully with your help we will make Licode reach its full potential as the coolest WebRTC communications hub :smiley:


PS: The old Master branch is pointed now as a release for the nostalgic.–
Pedro Rodriguez