Bandwidth Alerts - Feature is not working!

I am not receiving any bandwidth alerts at licode client side.

Hence I verified the logs and logic at licode server. And what I can notice is “Licode Server is not raising any bandwidth alerts - Infact bandwidth availability check is not even happening”.

Please find the observed details:
=> In erizo_controller/erizoJS/adapt_schemes/notify.js +32 (Line No)

 var newStats = wrtc.getStats();   <=== It is returning undefined.

if (!newStats){
    clearInterval(intervalId);  <== Since, newStats is undefined, it is clearing the bandwidth check timer.

Why “wrtc.getStats()” is returning “undefined”?
Do we need to configure anything specific for this to work?

Any suggestions are most welcome.

How we can make this feature work?

Nibin Thomas.

Need a call back fun for param,call back the stats js on string