Can't get the licode test app to work

this technology DOES NOT WORK FOR US! we have tried repeatedly to establish
conference connections using your test app with any of room connections,
and the basicserver app which fails to connect any clients outside of our
local network. we have beat our heads against the wall scanning google for
any insight into the problems with no help found. Any suggestions of how to
get your test app to work as confidence test for us?

from your test app this is what to debug output is below. start other
client and no rooms show any clients.

token created
DEBUG: Requested access to local media erizo.js:5614
INFO: User has granted access to local media. erizo.js:5614
DEBUG: Event: access-accepted erizo.js:5614
DEBUG: Creating URL from stream [object MediaStream] erizo.js:5614
Screen: undefined erizo.js:6028