@Licode Team cannot read property 'stream' of undefined when connecting to the Room 1 demo on the Licode site

i run licode project on my ubuntu 14.04,i got the error :

then i find the same error on licode site. so who can solve this problem as soon as possiable

i find a new open project jitsi,and it works

Hi, well, is not only the demo, is licode itself. I’m running a project in AWS and I can’t use SFU, because that error. I opened the UDP ports but nothing. That’s a bug.

there are two issues there: one seems to be happening in your environment since the client can’t connect to Erizo. You should check open ports. The other is that, once a connection fails, it seems like we try to access the stream that doesn’t exist. Will check that if it is still there.